Based in Melbourne, Australia.

They say ‘you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends’

To me, that is what fashion represents, I can’t choose the body I was born in, but I can make choices about the second skin in which I dress. We can show defiance, spirit, emotion, and environmental or social awareness, on top of the practicality of clothes.

I’m inspired by the natural world, surrealist and abstract art, music, mythology, my travels through Asia, video games, gender identity, and the overall human experience.

'The self, a window
Be acrid or saccharine
Nothing is hidden'

Menswear in Australia is beige, a heap of smart casual, and suits, with very little outside that. Even as a child, when my mother took me to the city to buy me my first non-second hand clothes, I always struggled with how devoid of interest it all seemed to be, only faux personality stamped tackily on t-shirts. There’s so much more than that for those brave enough to embrace their individuality.

I hope, in time, we can move away from the environmentally destructive fast fashion model, and embrace the ideas of quality over quantity, and develop a culture where men, as well as women can explore themselves through fashion.

The self