The Reflected Crown


‘The Reflected Crown’ is my first mini-collection after graduating. The designs were inspired by themes of symmetry, straight lines on flowing silhouettes, the fluidity of power, and ideas of royalty; spoken through texture, colour, and drape. The soft purple, electric blue, and bright gold give a distinct identity while the charcoal grey throughout lends a more subtle touch which can blend into an outfit and yet give a strong statement.

The motif on the scarves are the Harry Millward logo (a symbol created as a child from the acronym of my full name: W.H.M). However, over time I saw more to the motif - imagining it as a crown reflected on its base, as though it was sitting on a mirror, or floating on water. I find my self often inspired by mythology, fairy tails, and the juxtaposition of man and nature, and shapes that suggest a story. So to me this symbol I doodled as a child became more than a few letters, it is now to me 'The Reflecting Crown'.