Diamond Dogs

A first-time collaboration between Guide Dogs Victoria and Australian Designers as well as local students from Kangan Insitute. The idea was to have designers create an outfit and a matching dog coat to go with it to go on show during VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival). The Dog coats would then be sold off to raise money for Guide Dogs Victoia.

As Kangan alumnus I was invited to take part and design my own Dog Coat and outfit. I envisioned this dog coat through the eyes of a blind person, they may not see colour or shape, they may feel with their hands and maybe see moving light. I stripped the coat of any colour and instead used black with texture and depth. The beading out the outside is written in braille, and the thick wool has been laser cut into layers to evoke an eye.

The eye is a symbol of the relationship with the dog’s owner; symbiotic and loyal. The beads a starry sky in the dead of night.

I called it the 'Eye of Hypnos', Named for the Greek god of sleep; Hypnos, who lived in a pitch-black cave; and with sleep dreams are our way to see with our eyes closed.