I recently traveled to China and Hong Kong where I got to see show rooms, cat walks, art exhibits, and just got to experience such an amazing alien place. The first two weeks was in Shanghai (China's biggest city). We would wander the streets for entire days without ever lacking something to see. I knew about five words but luckily I saved an offline dictionary while in Australia, and traveled with a cunning linguist which kept me from starving to death. If you've ever played Simcity you'll feel an instant case of deja vu as you wander through the high rise dense residential buildings, with row after row of identical architecture.

A very cool place I saw on my last day was a hotel, one that was not open to the public, but to artists only. These artists could stay in this beautiful old hotel for months, and all they had to do upon checking out was to leave one work of art, be it painting, sculpture, or drawing; whatever they liked. How amazing is that?

The last week was in Hong Kong, which after the mono-culture of Shanghai felt VERY much like the world city, with people from all backgrounds filling the city at all times. It was certainly far easier to get by speaking only English.

China does some things far better than Australia, and Australia does some things far better than china, but the fashion world in Australia has a lot to catch up on. We lack the refined maturity, as well as the courage to be crazy.